Frequently Asked Questions

I hope I can respond to all your concerns with this information. If you cannot find the answer to your question, please do not hesitate to ring me. I am willing to come up from the depths of the sea just to answer your questions ♡

The Mermaiding Experience

Mermaiding is the art or sport of swimming with a mermaid or triton tail.

A monofin is a type of fin that is used in Mermaiding and other aquatic sports.

Of course, there are mermen as well as mermaids!

At this time you can find new events posted each week on my Instagram (@andreinamermaid) or my Facebook page (Andreina Mermaid).

The Mermaiding experience is normally offered at weekends. The experience is only available during the week (or at another time outside the pre-established timetable) to private groups of five or more participants.

In general, Mermaiding carries no risk for expectant mothers. However, remember that before participating in the Mermaiding experience, you should consult with a doctor that is familiar with your pregnancy for advice.

Please do not hesitate to phone or write to me to discuss your specific case. I can assure you that our conversation will be kept confidential and that I will do all I can in order to accommodate you.

Yes. However, I have a limited number of spaces available for these children. Please contact me about your child before signing them up.

Not necessarily! The Mermaiding experience is also adapted for those who do not know how to swim.

Mermaids and mermen come in all sizes and shapes! So don’t worry, I will have a tail for you <3

Mums, Dads and/or other companions who are not participating are more than welcome to come and watch without any additional cost. You will need to bring flip-flops in order to access the pool area where the Mermaiding experience happens.

Of course! Magical moments must be captured. You may bring a camera, mobile phone or underwater camera. If you prefer, you can also reserve a mini-session to take photos.

The pool is reserved for those participating in the class only, but underwater photos can be taken by putting the camera in the water with your hand or selfie stick.


This is a one-and-a-half hour experience. You choose the date and time to attend. It is not a continuous course.

The Mermaiding experience is normally done in a group, but if you would like to attend a private session, you can register at the Personalized Mermaiding Experience

Payments can be made here on the website or by bank transfer. Please remember to speak to me if you would like to find out the dates and spots available to reserve a Mermaiding experience.


Yes, all prices displayed on the website include tax.

Yes, it’s a rule of the indoor swimming pool

Don’t worry! You can purchase goggles, swim caps, nose clips, and other pool accessories on the day of your Mermaiding Experience.

To maintain the essence of the experience (and so as not to get in the way of the mermaids and tritons when it’s time to swim) the pool is reserved only for those participating.

From the bottom of my heart and with much sincerity, I assure you that the price for the activity is already made as affordable as possible for these reasons. There are not any discounts available except for private groups of more than 20 participants.

Every colour is beautiful and bright! The tail colour will be chosen on the day of the activity according to the size and physique of the mermaid or triton.

The price of the activity includes the use of the tail during the activity. If you wish to purchase a mermaid tail, you will be able to find them in the mermaid shop, Andreina Mermaid.

Birthday Parties, Hen Parties and Groups

Yes! However, you will have to pay the minimum price of five participants.

In this case, you must still pay for five participants (the required amount to reserve a private group).

Cooking is not my forte! If you would like catering, you can contact the restaurant bar at the club: El Sabor de Picornell (+34) 933255034. They’re very friendly

There are discounts for groups of 20 or more.

Mermaiding in the Sea

Mermaiding experiences in the sea will be available for the summer of 2019.

Yes, you must have already participated in the experience in the pool.

Gift Cards

Yes! Every gift card is sent with the name of the recipient.

Yes! If you need it urgently, contact me and I will send it to you as soon as possible.

At this time that service is unavailable.

Right now the available languages are: Spanish, Catalan, and English.

Leave it at home and keep it as a nice memory! It’s not necessary to show it to me.

Buying a Mermaid Tail or Monofin

Soon the mermaid shop will be active. I will add frequently asked questions about the products and everything related to their purchase.

The Mermaid Photoshoot Experience

Don’t worry. Your image is your own and your photographs are too. Just mention to me that you don’t wish to appear in photos I post online and I will not share them.


Note: This service is new, and I will continue adding frequently asked questions.

Magic for Hire

Note: This service is new, and I will continue adding frequently asked questions.