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I am Andreina Mermaid ♡ a full-time mermaid and a mermaid to the core! My lifestyle is 100% dedicated to mermaiding. A few years ago, I had a magical experience…creating a whole world for mermaids and mermen in Barcelona.

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There are a thousand different elaborate ways I could tell the story of how this all began, but I prefer to tell it how it really happened – in other words – the truth! It all started at the beginning of summer 2015, in the shared flat where I lived in Poble Sec. The name of the neighbourhood carries a bit of irony, because in English it would be Dry Town. I had a strange desire to watch something on TV, which was very unusual because I never watch TV, but that morning the universe had a message for me that was to change my life.

I downloaded an app to watch TV on my tablet and switched it to one of the BBC channels to leave on in the background. While I was tidying my room, there was a travel show on and I began to hear very interesting phrases like “being a mermaid is a profession” and “there are mermaid shows in aquariums”…which immediately captivated me! It was a report on a park in the US featuring a show where mermaids dance behind glass, in an underwater theatre. The tickets sold out instantly for every performance. My eyes got wider and wider with every shot, and so did my smile. I remember my first thought was “Could I try that? Could I give classes too?! I’m sure there are a lot of people here who would absolutely love it!”

The programme had barely finished when I ran to the dining room table to open my laptop and started searching the world of mermaids. I read about it for hours and hours, it was fascinating! I kept searching and discovered that there was nothing in Barcelona to do with mermaiding and that every course I could find was outside of Spain and on other continents. Eventually I found someone in Europe who had scales for skin and from whom I could learn mermaiding, so that I, in turn, could teach it!

How I love looking back and remembering that feeling of conviction inside me, that certainty that I had discovered what I was, without a doubt, destined to do. So I travelled, I learned, I got certified, I invested, I took risks, I clung to my dream and overcame the obstacles in my path to become the first professional mermaid in Barcelona and the first person certified to teach mermaiding in Catalunya.

To some people around me at the time, it all seemed laughable, others assured me that nobody in Barcelona would like it. I went ahead, regardless, and set up a Facebook page, with just my name, Andreina Mermaid, dedicated to making people see that it was possible to become a mermaid or merman, and I even got business cards printed which proudly said: Andreina Mermaid – Professional Mermaid. Today I also laugh at having been able to take each and every comment or remark, encouraging or otherwise, in a positive way, with a sense of humour. I also made sure never to lose that determination and remembered to take the good with the bad.

One fine day, against all odds, everything started to make sense when the phonecalls started coming in, saying things like “Hello, my daughter has always claimed she is growing scales on her legs” or “Andreina, my son is obsessed with the bottom of the sea and mermaids” or “Good morning, I love water and I’ve always felt like a true mermaid. Can adults do it too?” The magic was there.

That is how Andreina Mermaid was created and continues to grow, born from the shared dream of many, an inexplicable desire to become a mermaid. For years people have told stories of having seen something on the high seas that seemed to be half human, half fish, children have waited for hours in the bathtub waiting for their legs to turn into a tail, things which, along with pure imagination, love for the ocean and of course the encouraging and inspiring words from wonderful beings who share my dream, have given me the strength to tirelessly promote Mermaiding all over the beautiful land that is Catalunya.

Thank you for collaborating and helping me develop this concept, it is thanks to you that we are the big family of mermaids and mermen, both national and international, that we are today. Thank you for having been there, for allowing me the opportunity to meet and get to know you, for growing with me and for leaving an impression on me which is as deep as the ocean.

With love,

♡ Andreina ♡

Let’s go back in time…

2015. A year when my life changed forever. That year I didn’t just learn the techniques and art of  swimming with a mermaid tail, I also got certified in “Mermaiding for Instructors” near Munich. I learned how to teach, from a mermaid with many years of experience, Normeth Preglo, founder of the academy Bayerisch Meerjungfrauen in 2012 in Germany and IMSIA (International Mermaiding Instructors Association), of which I am a proud member. I got my AIDA** certificate in freediving from the International Association for the Development of Apnea with the world champion of freediving and Guinness World Record holder, Carlos Costa. I also obtained my Open Water Lifesaving Certificate from the German Red Cross.

2016. In spring of this year, I created the first ever Mermaiding Experience in Barcelona, where the first participants learned how to transform into authentic marine beings. My first mermaids were Marina and Blanca ♡♡

2017. Probably one of the most challenging but also motivating years in my life as a professional mermaid, and also in my personal life. As an immigrant, your projects often have to take a back seat as you weather the storm.

2018. If you put love into your work and persevere when things get tough, your dreams can become a reality. I was finally able to establish Andreina Mermaid Experiences officially in the human world so I could continue spreading magic, create new experiences and products and be completely at the service of mermaids and tritons on a full-time basis.

2019. This story is still being written, and I hope that you will be a part of it.

♡ Mermaiding is my full-time job, my daily life and my passion. I would say it is one of my biggest missions in this life.